Human Resources

Whether as an external consultant, as a part-time contractor or even permanent member of your Human Resources team, Osborne + Associates can provide the ideal turnkey solution for the management and administration of your entire workforce.

Through years of experience providing related services for a diverse client base, Osborne + Associates has the acumen, experience, contacts and strategic wherewithal to provide seamless, high-level services across all related disciplines.

The core scope of services provided under this umbrella includes:

  • Staffing

    • Provision of services to facilitate hiring and termination of staff
    • Procurement or provision of temporary support on daily basis or project basis
    • Job Search support and related activities
    • Analysis of staffing needed for specified projects or overall business plan


    • Development and documentation of company-wide benefit plans
    • Perform search for optimal benefit plans and providers
    • Monitor ongoing changes in market associated with regulatory shifts (including labor laws and healthcare reform)
  • Compensation Plans

    • Review company process and policies
    • Conduct market analysis and determine competitive compensation structure
    • Provide benefit and market analysis (including PTO policies, etc.)

    Policies & Procedures

    • Develop company-wide policy and procedures
    • Develop and maintain employee handbook